Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The Academic Programs Section provides leadership, assistance, and consultation to colleges in the areas of curriculum development, approval, criteria and standards, and competencies for academic and technical curriculum programs. A major function also includes consultation to colleges concerning professional development and faculty/staff training. 

Division Calendar of Events

Career & College Promise

Career and College Ready Graduate (CCRG)

The State Board of Community Colleges (SBCC) in consultation with the State Board of Education(SBOE) is required, Section 10.13 of S.L. 2015-241, to develop a program that introduces the college developmental math, reading, and English curriculum in the high school senior year. High school seniors that are not career and college ready by the end of their junior year, will have opportunities for college remediation prior to high school graduation through cooperation with community college partners.

College Codes

A sortable list of Colleges and the Code for each.


College Transfer Articulation Agreements

Combined Course Library

Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual

Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual (CPRM) Intro Text

The Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual is a resource for colleges, which provides them with procedures for performing various Curriculum Management functions. Included in this manual is information about program applications, program terminations, electronic programs of study, course revisions, service areas, etc.

For questions regarding the Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual, please contact Michelle Lair at

Curriculum Standards

NC Community College System Catalog

The Education Catalog provides information about offered curriculums and is updated monthly after the State Board meeting.

Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

The following Requests for Proposal (RFPs) are solicitations for legislative funding from various grants available. If funding is awarded, the resources will be used for Curriculum Improvement Projects (CIPs) in order to update and revise selected curriculum courses and standards.

Resources for CIS Curriculum Data Managers

Following is a list of recent action items performed by the Academic Programs section of the NCCCS, in response to SBCC (State Board of Community Colleges) and CRC (Curriculum Review Committee) curriculum approvals. College Curriculum Data Managers may use this list as a tool for updating their local libraries, including course changes, programs of study (POS), etc.