Housed under the North Carolina Community College System, ApprenticeshipNC is the State Apprenticeship Agency recognized by the Office of Apprenticeship to register apprenticeship programs on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor

Helping North Carolina Meet Workforce Needs Across the State

Together, ApprenticeshipNC and the North Carolina Community Colleges across the state are equipping a better, brighter workforce in North Carolina. Hands-on training helps students/apprentices learn new skills, earn higher wages, and gain more confidence in the workplace. Whether you sponsor an ANC program through your college or you tell others about the value of Registered Apprenticeship, you are helping us build talent pipelines that will last for generations.


How It Works

Step One

An employer contacts ApprenticeshipNC to learn more about how apprenticeship can help them elevate their business.

Step Two

We build a program with their local community college that includes instruction that’s relevant to the industry and position. Instruction can include classroom learning, correspondence, or individual instructional programs.

Step Three

ApprenticeshipNC and the employer review the program and agree on Customized Standards of Apprenticeship.

Step Four

The program is registered at the local community college and can begin enrolling registered and non-registered apprentices.

Step Five

The employer onboards an apprentice and officially launches a program.


Interested in Registering a Program through ApprenticeshipNC?

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