Digital Literacy

Equipping North Carolina’s College and Career Readiness programs with digital inclusion.


Our multiphase Digital Literacy Skills Project aims to increase our capacity to offer digital skills training and improve digital inclusion in North Carolina. This framework ensures an equitable recovery for the adults served in our programs.


Phases I & II

Experts collaborated to create a curriculum, a Digital Literacy Framework to guide work, a course tied to certification, and program models for delivery. We supported this work with NC 2020 COVID-19 Recovery Act funds and Title II funds. 


Phase III

The next phase involves establishing a network of trained student support staff who will assist programs in implementing courses.They will also help students navigate resources to transition to post-secondary programs of study or credentialed training.


The State Board of Community Colleges approved an allocation of $1,075,000 to support Phase III of the Digital Literacy Project to 43 Title II providers.

Digital Navigator Network

Discover the 43 Title II providers within the Digital Navigator Network and how to contact them.

Digital Navigator Network Project Resources

Our participants found and reported on resources that help North Carolinians gain greater access to affordable digital devices, Broadband internet, digital skills training and other tools.

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