Enhancing Adult Education: The Career READY Initiative

In the 2018-19 program year, the North Carolina College and Career Readiness (NC CCR) System Office initiated a pioneering collaboration with a group of community colleges. The objective was to synergize adult education, developmental education programs, and NC Student Success Centers, aiming to alleviate barriers to adult education students in postsecondary education.

This collaboration leveraged NROC's Ed Ready educational software, a resource already integrated with postsecondary partners, to equip adult education students with the academic skills and distance learning experience needed to transition into gateway post-secondary courses.


Partnership and Innovation

The NC CCR unit engaged with the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), a non-profit organization focused on providing open and low-cost online courses and learning options, to expand high-quality, affordable distance learning options across all NC providers. This partnership aimed to facilitate smoother transitions to post-secondary education and was embodied in the launch of the “Career READY” distance learning project.

“Career READY” stands for Refreshing, Enhancing, Accelerating, and Developing Your Skills. It offered adult learners a structured yet flexible learning environment, focusing on essential Mathematics, English, and Writing Concepts. The program was designed to be adaptable, allowing participants to choose between face-to-face, hybrid, or entirely remote learning formats, and included essential student support services and career exploration opportunities.


Impact and Future Directions

The Career READY project has significantly impacted the educational landscape, fostering stronger partnerships between different educational and training providers and preparing students comprehensively to acquire essential credentials and skills. It has been a beacon in our continuous effort to innovate and collaborate, ensuring that every adult learner in North Carolina's 58 community colleges has the resources and support they need to succeed in their educational and professional journeys.

For college employees interested in learning more or contributing to this transformative initiative, please contact us. Let's continue to work together to enhance learning environments and opportunities for our adult learners in North Carolina!

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