Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual

The Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual is a resource for colleges that provides procedures for performing various Curriculum Management functions. Included in this manual is information about program applications, program terminations, electronic programs of study, course revisions, service areas, etc.

For questions regarding the manual, please contact Peyton Bell.

Section Title Last Update Files
00 - Contents Table of Contents and Mission Statement 11/20/2017  PDF
01 Programs Staff Contact Information 01/04/2024  PDF
02 Submission Deadlines 10/26/2023  PDF
03 Curriculum Program Application (Existing Titles) 04/26/2024  PDF DOC
03-CL Curriculum Program Application Checklist (Existing Titles) 01/08/2019  PDF DOC
03A Curriculum Program Application (Special Titles) 04/26/2024  PDF DOC
03A-CL Curriculum Program Application Checklist (Special Titles) 01/08/2019  PDF DOC
03B Curriculum Program Application (New-to-System Titles) 04/29/2024  PDF DOC
03B-CL Curriculum Program Application Checklist (New-to-System Titles) 01/08/2019  PDF DOC
03C Curriculum Program Application (Accountability Report) 04/29/2024  PDF DOC
03D Curriculum Program Application for Residency Licensure Certificate 09/06/2022  DOC
03D-AR Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Annual Report Procedure and Forms 07/22/2022  PDF
03D-CL Residency Licensure Certificate Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Coordinator Checklist 05/15/2023  PDF
03D-H Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Residency Program Campus Director Handbook 05/15/2023  PDF
04 Curriculum Program Application (Captive/Co-opted Groups) 03/31/2022  PDF DOC
05 Program Termination (Curriculum and Level III ISA) 06/14/2022  PDF DOC
06 Instructional Service Agreements (ISA) 11/08/2023 PDF, DOC
07 Curriculum Program Title List: Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP Codes) 05/31/2024  PDF
08 Electronic Programs of Study Input for Curriculum Programs (Colleague) 03/21/2023  PDF
09 Electronic Program of Study Review/Approval for Curriculum Programs 04/01/2019  PDF
10 Electronic Programs of Study Input for Captive or Co-opted Programs (to be published) 05/28/2014  
11 College Transfer (AA, AS, AE, AFA, AATP and ASTP) 06/14/2022  PDF
12 General Occupational Technology (GOT) 06/26/2018  PDF
13 Associate in General Education (AGE) 06/26/2018  PDF
13A Associate in General Education - Nursing 01/14/2019  PDF DOC
14 Career and College Promise (CCP) 11/10/2023  PDF
15 Curriculum Course Review Committee (CCRC) - Course Requests 07/01/2024  PDF
15-1 Form 15-1: New Course Request 12/06/2019  DOC
15-2 Form 15-2: Revised Course Request 12/06/2019  DOC
15-3 Form 15-3: Course Reclassification Request 08/01/2019  DOC
16 Curriculum Standards Revision 03/31/2022  PDF DOC
17 Curriculum Contracts 08/01/2019  PDF
18 Service Area Assignments (Service Areas) 06/18/2021  PDF
19 Credit for Prior Learning 12/19/2023  PDF
20 Work-Based Learning 08/26/2021  PDF
21 Tiered Funding Classifications Curriculum Course Prefixes 08/18/2021  PDF
22 Health Science Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services 01/14/2019  PDF DOC
23 Guidelines and Definitions 01/10/2019  PDF
24 State Board of Community Colleges Code 07/11/2016  PDF
25 College Codes 04/26/2021  PDF
26 College Readiness 08/01/2022  PDF
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