Community College Libraries in North Carolina (CCLINC) Catalog

CCLINC is a consortium of community college libraries in North Carolina that has a shared catalog with more than a million learning resources, making this library cooperative third in size among the libraries of publicly funded institutions of higher education in North Carolina. 

Search the entire CCLINC Catalog 

This online catalog gives access to the collections at each of the libraries.  It allows you to search the collection, place items on hold, and check on the status of your personal patron file.  The catalog circulates approximately 500,000 items per year, and sends/receives more than 7,500 items annually to/from member libraries.

The Library Consortium Catalog Android mobile app is now available via the Google Play Store.  Just enter the following search terms: NCCCS Library Catalog.

NOTE to patrons:  Please scroll to your local community college, click on it, and begin your searching there.  If you wish to place a hold on an item, you can only do so from this library, i.e., the one that gave you a patron card/barcode. Always use the e-Library or Enterprise Back and Forward buttons, not your browser's back and forward buttons.

Remember to have your library barcode handy.

The Online catalog (e-Library or Enterprise) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during maintenance periods.

Those libraries running Enterprise are noted with an asterisk.  

200 West Jones Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

(919) 807-7100