Academic Advising

Academic Advising

The NC Community College System recognizes that effective academic advising is at the core of student success.  Academic advising is a collaborative process which assists students in the clarification of career goals and development of educational plans to realize those goals. Academic advising maximizes individual potential by

  • Providing integrated and targeted supports and interventions when they are most effective.
  • Aiding student’s progress through programs that lead to valuable credentials, without unnecessary detours.
  • Assisting students in making informed decisions which result in understanding the requirements and processes to succeed.

Advising Mission Statement 
(credit to the N3C2A organization)

Advising is an essential part of the North Carolina Community College student experience. Quality advising provides a holistic approach that teaches students to identify and achieve their personal, educational, and career goals. Quality advising is an ongoing, collaborative process between students and well-trained advisors whereby students are connected with appropriate resources and equipped to become confident, responsible, and reflective learners. Quality advising is fostered through institutional support for the onboarding and continuous development of advising personnel and for the access to appropriate advising resources.

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