Career Information

Career Information

North Carolina Community Colleges are committed to student success and provide a variety of resources and information to assist our students and graduates obtain employment. Campus Services may include career information, guidance, career interest inventories, and local vacancy information. Additional services may include on-campus job fairs where local and regional employers are invited to recruit students, workshops on topics such as resume writing and interview tips, and a list of web sites related to career planning and employment.

NC Career Cluster Guide

The NC Career Cluster Guide is a web app where one can discover their career interests, explore occupations, look at salaries and job projections, and create a short list of careers that fit one’s personal parameters.  Rather than trudging through the entire list of 900 occupations, one can narrow their search with three different parameters.  One can search by Career Cluster, Career Interest, and by Prosperity Zone.  One can add all three parameters and narrow your career choices to a small, manageable list.  And then one can sort the final list of occupations by salary, job projections, education-level required, and more.

One can take a career interest assessment and match one’s career interests with occupations. One can search for careers in one’s part of the state by utilizing the Prosperity Zone parameter.  The salaries and job projections are different in each Prosperity Zone (a way of dividing the state into eight regions). Or one can look at the salaries and job projections for each occupation for the entire state or for the entire country. 

Career Cluster Guide

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