Our Student Leadership Development Program equips students with leadership and soft skills through hands-on workshops, projects, and immersive sessions, preparing them for both civic and professional roles.

Become a Better Leader and Community Citizen 

Established in 1994, the Student Leadership Development Program at the NC Community College System prepares students for tomorrow's workforce with essential leadership and soft skills. Through intensive sessions and hands-on experiences, participants grow as campus leaders, community contributors, and future professionals.



“The program had a huge impact on my life and professional career.”

– Shane Bryson

Student Activities Coordinator, Randolph Community College

Program Requirements

The primary session lasts six days and is held in the summer on the beautiful campus of William Peace University in downtown Raleigh. Following the summer session are two two-day mini-sessions held during the fall and spring. The summer session consists of numerous workshops, speakers, and group and individual projects. 

Upon acceptance, the students complete a variety of assessments and are grouped accordingly.  During the week-long session, the four groups work tirelessly through the afternoons and evenings to accomplish their group tasks and projects.  

Additionally, each student keeps a leadership journal, introduces a speaker or workshop presenter, and writes at least one article for the daily newsletter. 

The two mini-sessions extend leadership training through additional workshops and smaller projects, and the graduation banquet is held at the spring mini-session to celebrate the students’ completion of the program.

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