Dual Enrollment for High School Students (CCP)

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Get a jumpstart on your college education through 9th to 12th grade with Career and College Promise (CCP), our tuition-free dual enrollment program.

One of the Nation’s Best Dual Enrollment Programs

Career and College Promise (CCP) offers high school students tuition-free college course credits. With these credits, students can earn an associate’s degree, transfer to a four-year institution, attain career credentials, or achieve a combination of these outcomes before completing high school.

Pathways to Post-High School Success

College Transfer

College Transfer

Designed for students who plan to attend a four-year institution, the College Transfer Pathway (CTP) lets you complete college-level classes while you’re in high school that will transfer seamlessly to any school within the University of North Carolina System or participating private college or university.

Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education

Made for students who know the industry they want to pursue after high school, the Career & Technical Education Pathway (CTE) enables you to take courses that count toward a certificate, diploma, or state or industry-recognized workforce credential.

Cooperative Innovative High Schools

Cooperative Innovative High Schools

Generally a small public high school located on a college campus, Cooperative Innovative High Schools work closely with the NC Community College System to offer programs of study that prepare students for career and college success.

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Student Success Stories

Madelyn Welch

In August of 2015, I enrolled in the Career and College Promise program at Western Piedmont Community College. When I look back now, I realize the amount of growth from then to now. Deciding to enroll at WPCC has allowed me to excel in numerous ways. The first being that I have taken classes that challenged me academically. I was a high school student taking on college level courses.

I worked extremely hard to prove that I could handle this level of material and have held a 4.0 GPA during my whole time at WPCC. I also made the decision join the Student Government Association as Treasurer. This position has given me experience in a leadership role. Another opportunity that I’ve gotten from being at Western Piedmont is an internship with the Marketing Department. This will prepare me for my career path. Western Piedmont Community College has opened so many doors for me, and I am extremely grateful for my time at this school.

Student Success Stories

Nicole Obando

As part of the Career and College Promise program at Beaufort County Community College, Nicole Obando was able to get a head start on her college education during her last two years of high school. “At first, I was unsure of attending the Community college since I have been home schooled from kindergarten to the 11th grade. At the time, my social skills were not very strong, but the teachers and students I met were very encouraging and offered me their utmost support when I needed it which helped me grow and adapt to a new world outside of my previously sheltered one,” she said. 

By being exposed to a different academic environment than the one she was used to, Nicole was able to step out of her comfort zone. She believes that BCC gave her the opportunity to improve her interpersonal skills and achieve her goals one step at a time with dedication, determination, and trust. Nicole was also selected as the 2019 Academic Excellence recipient at Beaufort Community College.


"Through Whiteville High School’s Career and College Promise program, I am able to take college courses of my choosing and receive both high school and college credit for them. Southeastern Community College has provided me with exceptional opportunities for growth, both academically and emotionally.  At this school, I am exposed to new ideas, people, and subjects that many high school students do not have the luxury of experiencing."

Victoria Powell

Southeastern Community College

“The courses I have taken at BCC have been fun, challenging, and rewarding. They have prepared me for future classes at the university level. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to be in classes with peers with various life experiences and wonderful instructors who have been very helpful and encouraging me. I have truly enjoyed my time here at Bladen Community College"

Katie Pontak

Bladen Community College
200 West Jones Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

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