Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of volunteer and career firefighters and rescue personnel.


Community College Fire and Rescue Classes:


Fire and Rescue Certifications:

Many community college classes prepare students for state certification. Local college program coordinators can provide information on these courses and any related requirements. In addition, information on North Carolina’s Fire and Rescue certification requirements may be found here:


Community College Contacts:

For more information, please email us at  For questions about specific local college training courses, please contact the college directly.  A listing of colleges may be found on this website (Find a College). 

Fire and Rescue education is also provided through curriculum degree programs at colleges across the state.  For a list of colleges offering associate degree programs, please consult the NCCCS Education Catalog at


Waiver of Training Registration Fees

The NC Legislature authorizes NC community colleges to waive the registration fees of authorized public safety personnel for selected/eligible training courses. Your local community college will have additional details.

Individual college forms and processes may vary, but all colleges fall under the guidance found in the most current State Board of Community Colleges (SBCC) policies on tuition and fee waivers:


The primary System Office contact for public safety training fee waivers is Tracy McPherson, Director of Public Safety Training Programs, at