State Board of Proprietary Schools

Understanding Our Oversight of Proprietary Schools

The State Board of Community Colleges, through the State Board of Proprietary Schools, holds the responsibility and authority to issue licenses to proprietary (private, for-profit) schools in North Carolina. This authority ensures that these schools maintain a curriculum and standard of education equivalent to similar public schools and educational institutions within the state, as mandated by the General Statutes.

Our Role & Responsibilities:

Setting Standards: We formulate the criteria and standards that proprietary schools must meet, covering aspects like course offerings, facilities, financial stability, competent personnel, and legitimate operating practices.

Approval & Licensing: We conduct thorough investigations of all schools applying for a license and grant licenses to those meeting our established standards.

Maintaining a List: We keep and provide an updated list of all approved proprietary schools.

Periodic Inspection: We conduct regular inspections of all licensed proprietary schools to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards.


Our Commitment:

Our role is to ensure that every licensed proprietary school operates with integrity, offering high-quality education to all students. Whether you’re a prospective student, parent, or a member of the general public, you can trust that schools licensed by us have met rigorous standards designed to guarantee a valuable learning experience.

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