IROC Priority List

IROC Priority List

The Information Technology Requirements Oversight Council (IROC) and its supporting processes review, validate, and prioritize enterprise impacting IT projects, Requests for Change (RFCs) and other IT enabled capabilities within the North Carolina Community Colleges System (NCCCS). Below is the current IROC Project Priority list.  This list will be updated after each IROC meeting.  The IROC committees do not meet in July and December. 

Last updated:  9/28/18.

       1.   Enterprise Resource Planning System (4.1)

            A.   Business Process Implementation (4.1.1)

                  I.  Identify five colleges to implement business process normalization for:

                           a.   Student Services

                           b.   Instruction

                           c.   Institutional Support

                 II.  Cash Reporting (AR/CR) and Core Financials

                III.  Annual Reporting Plan

            B.   Infrastructure Transformation (4.1.2)

                  I.   Leverage cloud infrastructure to improve student and College services; CIS in the Cloud

                 II.   Cloud Ready Network at Campuses

       2.   Accelerating Student Readiness (Consolidates RISE, CCRG, and MM) (2.3.2)

       3.   Tuition Remission Report (4.2.1)

       4.   CE Rewrite (4.2)

       5.   State Grants Phase II (CFI Interfaces) (1.3.1)