Options for Paying for College

Determine your eligibility for grants and scholarships by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete Your FAFSA

Federally Funded Financial Aid

You must complete a FAFSA to receive any form of federal financial assistance for your education. It also helps us match you to state and school aid. Many of our students qualify for federal grants and state-funded programs, but you are not eligible for them without submitting a FAFSA. It is your key to financial aid every year you plan to enroll in school.

State Aid Statistics


Students Received Community College Grants


Received by System Students in State Grants and Scholarships in 2022-23


Students Awarded Longleaf Commitment Grant Funds in 22-23FY

Financial Aid

There are several types of federal, state and local aid to assist with educational expenses. Explore the System-wide resources we offer and reach out to the financial aid office at your local community college for more information.


As a student of the NC Community College System, you may be eligible for state-funded scholarship programs like the NC Scholarship, Golden Leaf Scholarship, and more. Your specific college or program may also offer financial awards, too.

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