Success Stories

North Carolina's community colleges are creating success for students across the state.

Laura Caitlin Ritchie finally discovered that her true calling was nursing.  Having to balance work, school, finances, family and life in general, Ritchie saw how affordable Carteret Community College was and the scholarships and financial aid offered through the financial aid department.  The fa

In August of 2015, I enrolled in the Career & College Promise program at Western Piedmont Community College. When I look back now, I realize the amount of growth from then to now. Deciding to enroll at WPCC has allowed me to excel in numerous ways.

Failure was never an option for Raydeijah Morning.  Struggling to select whether to go to a university or a community college Morning decided to enroll at Pamlico Community College.  Morning states that attending Pamlico CC has left her with no regrets and the staff is amazing.  Working two part-

Native Filipino, a British citizen, and a U.S. permanent resident Irene Bantigue moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina in October of 2014.  The relocation with her family was not easy as they faced heavy relocation expenses and were surviving on one income.  Irene did not think she would be able to afford a college education until she called Forsyth Technical Community College.

As the first college graduate in his family, Marco Leonardo Chumbimuni knows the importance of his accomplishment. Not just for himself, but also for his younger brother and his relatives in his parents’ native country.

Shakyra Davis knows what she wanted and chased after it starting at the age of 13.  One of the hardest challenges she has faced was transitioning from middle school to Rutherford Early College.  She wanted the challenge and has learned how to balance high school classes, college classes, and part

Being diagnosed with asthma and anxiety disorder cut short the military career of Marian Corp Veteran Joshua G.

The experience at Martin Community College has changed Amanda Vicks in ways she never thought possible.  Bring a part of this institution has given her a pathway that she credits with allowing her to reach her goal of being an accountant.  Vicks is very active in MCC serving in the Student Govern

Working as a laboratory assistant was the starting point of Ric C.

When thinking about the best thing for her future Jana Carver decided to enroll at Guilford Technical Community College.  Having never attended public or private school going to college terrified her since her prior education was taught at home.  Being homeschooled in an unstable home caused her

Sierra Tuttle made the decision two years ago that she wanted to change her life.  After seven year break from school, she decided to enroll at Catawba Valley Community College.  With huge support from her family and her fiance Jeremy, she was able to stay on track and continue her studies.  Tutt

For Tammy Small Cox her biggest regret was not going to college.  She didn't think that it was possible to pursue her degree until she received a little encouragement.  That encouragement came from her daughter, and with a little research, Cox realized that her regret could finally become a reali

A mother who raised her son alone, 2014 was going to be a challenging year for Debra Jean Cumbie.  In May of that year she lost her husband to cancer, and two weeks after his death she lost her job.  She realized that it was time for a change and she needed to chase her dreams of becoming a nurse

A small vignette on the front of Piedmont Community College's student planners describing the Student Government Association caught the eye and interest of Cristian McLaughlin.  After e-mailing the advisor of the SGA and conversing back and forth McLaughlin jumped in the "deep end" and ran for SG

Working with a computer system that controls two manufacturing plants was giving Anthony Kennedy the influence to return to school back in 2015.  Gaining roles that included IT management, he knew that he would have to improve his skills to be successful at the task his job required.  He was able

Nichole Medlin graduated from high school in 1991.  After 20 years away from school to be a devoted stay-at-home mom and wife Medlin decided it was time to pursue her future.  With her daughter now gone from home to pursue her own career, Medlin knew that she needed the right tools to compete in

In March of 2013, Zachary Rhyner was a soldier in the military.   In this month things for Rhyner changed after being struck by an enemy bullet during an assault against enemy combatants in Afghanistan.  The wound left by the bullet was extensive, leaving a femur to be repaired, a severed sciatic

Ecclesiastics 3 states there is “a time to every purpose under heaven”; yet, time stands still for no one. 

Angel Andrade had a passion, and that passion was football.  His love for football didn't make Pitt Community College a top priority in his education plans after graduating high school.  Andrade, however, had come to a realization that completing his Associates in Arts, and transferring to a high

Philomena De Piante's education started with two goals.  To receive her Associates in Arts degree then transfer to a four-year university.  She soon realized that Central Piedmont Community College had more to offer than just an excellent education.   For Philomena CPCC provided an environment of


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