Findhelp (Aunt Bertha)

Direct Support

Many community college students experience food and housing insecurity as well as other problems that require social support. And while such support may be available, navigating the system to find it often is time consuming and frustrating.

To make it easier for colleges to connect students with social services in their communities, the NC SSC provides every community college with a membership to (formerly known as Aunt Bertha). is a social care network that connects people to community resources including food pantries, housing assistance, and cash assistance. It is a database of services, organized by zip code, that makes it easier for people to locate available resources and arrange appointments. Colleges also can add their own resources and community resources to so students can easily find campus resources alongside community supports.

Please take a moment to try this resource by typing in your zip code at:

200 West Jones Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

(919) 807-7100