Published Reports

Published Reports

The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Office facilitates and supports college and system fulfillment of state, regional, and national reporting requirements. Associated reporting efforts help colleges identify institutional strengths and weaknesses by providing access to historical trends and peer comparisons.

State Performance Measures

The Performance Measures for Student Success Report is the North Carolina Community College System’s major accountability document. This annual performance report is based on data compiled during the previous year and serves to inform colleges and the public on the performance of our 58 community colleges. For further details and disaggregations of the data, please visit the NCCCS Performance Measure dashboards

Equity Report

This 2019 report calls attention to patterns of inequity at the system and college levels by documenting gaps in access and academic progress across demographic populations, specifically race/ethnicity and gender. Following the release of this report, many of the data views have been incorporated into the NCCCS dashboards