Minority Male Success Initiative

Minority Male Success Initiative

The Minority Male Success Initiative (MMSI) was developed to address and increase the progression and completion rates of minority male students and designed to strengthen minority male student outcomes by encouraging participation and collaboration among student participants and institutional departments. To help achieve this goal, the MMSI is a three-year commitment of eleven community colleges to assess and enhance the student success outcomes of minority male students, including increase student success, maximize student and campus participation; and increase program effectiveness and efficiency. As we continue to identify best practices, through this important research, we will share here - so that other higher education institutions can implement this program nationally, for the benefit of all minority students. Ultimately, our goal is for this research to be a catalyst for closing the racial equity gap at higher education institutions nationwide.

The purpose of the Minority Male Success Initiative is to address and increase the progression and completion rates of minority male students. To accomplish this mission, community colleges should:

  • Provide integrated and targeted supports and interventions when they are most effective.
  • Aid student’s progress through programs that lead to valuable credentials, without unnecessary detours.
  • Assist students in making informed decisions which results in understanding the requirements and processes to succeed.

The system’s three-year grant funding in 2019 offered three options: programmatic, success coach, and early alert system.

  • Programmatic approaches have been around for years and provide funding for institutions to take minority students to conferences, hold workshops, and establish mentor-mentee relationships, etc.
  • The success coach option aims to capitalize on the momentum of the Carolina Works Success Coaches and the work being done in the First in the World (FITW) grant while narrowing the scope of success coaches to minority males at-risk students.
  • The final option is the Early Alert option where 11 community colleges (Alamance, Carteret, James Sprunt, Lenoir, Montgomery, Nash, Piedmont, Roanoke-Chowan, Robeson, Sampson, and Western Piedmont) are receiving funding for Aviso Retention to commit to providing success coaches for minority male students and other at-risk populations they have identified.

If you have any questions concerning the Minority Male Success Initiative, please contact John J. Evans at (919) 807-7212 and/or via e-mail at JEvans@nccommunitycolleges.edu.