Minority Male Success Initiative

Minority Male Success Initiative

The NCCCS has redesiged the Minority Male Mentoring Program to more closely align with the student success initiatives currently taking place throughout our system.  The new model was designed to strengthen minority male student outcomes by encouraging participation and collaboration among student participants and institutional departments.  To help achieve the stated goal, the Minority Male Success Initiative is seeking for colleges to make a three-year commitment to assess and enhance the student success outcomes of minority male students.

The primary reasons for the redesign are to:

  • Increase student success;
  • Maximize student and campus participation; and
  • Increase program effectiveness and efficiency.

The purpose of the Minority Male Success Initiative is to address and increase the progression and completion rates of minority male students. To accomplish this mission, community colleges should:

  • Provide integrated and targeted supports and interventions when they are most effective.
  • Aid student’s progress through programs that lead to valuable credentials, without unnecessary detours.
  • Assist students in making informed decisions which result in understanding the requirements and processes to succeed.

If you have any questions concerning the Minority Male Success Initiative, please contact John J. Evans at (919) 807-7212 and/or via e-mail at JEvans@nccommunitycolleges.edu.