Public Safety Training

Public Safety Training

NC Community Colleges offer numerous education and training programs preparing future and existing professionals for careers in public safety. Among these are Code Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Emergency Dispatch, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire & Rescue Services.

NCCCS Public Safety Training Calendar (PSTC)

Public Safety Memos (PSMemos)

Public Safety Training Calendar (PSTC) (PSCalendar)

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of local code enforcement officials, including Building Inspectors, Fire Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors, Mechanical Inspectors, and Plumbing Inspectors.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of a wide variety of criminal justice professionals, including police officers, sheriffs’ deputies, telecommunicators, detention officers, correctional officers, and juvenile justice officers.

Emergency Dispatch (911 Telecommunicators)

Requirements for working in 911 emergency communications centers in North Carolina vary depending on the jurisdiction.  Please consult local agencies about training and certification requirements.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of Emergency Management personnel, including county and state emergency managers and associated emergency response personnel and volunteers.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of EMS personnel, including Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Advanced EMTs, and Paramedics.

Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue training is offered at community colleges across the state to meet the workforce training needs of volunteer and career firefighters and rescue personnel.

Public Safety Memos (PSMemos) (PSTraining)

This is an archive of memos sent from the System Office to college personnel who manage Public Safety Training.  Please note that policies and procedures mentioned in these memos may have changed since the date of memo publication.  Always consult the agency responsible for the most updated information.

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Public Safety Memos

Number Date Subject Attachments Area
PS21-08 07/16/2021 Updated Information from the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS) PS21_08 OEMS Education Rules Update_July 2021 EMS
PS21-07 06/02/2021 New NCOEMS Requirement for EVD and TIMS Content in EMT Courses PS21_07 EVD_TIMS in EMT and Fire Courses EMS
PS21-06 REV 04/01/2021 Fire/Rescue School Director Statewide Meetings (Presentations Attached) PS21_06 REV Fire Rescue Statewide Meetings Presentations OSFM and NCCCS FIP
PS21-05 03/29/2021 Federal Rule Requiring Disclosure of Information to Students in Certification-Related Courses PS21_05_Required Disclosures Public Safety Courses ALL
PS21-04 02/10/2021 NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS) Update System Conference NCOEMS Presentation PS21_04 EMS Update NCCCS System Conference EMS
PS21-03 02/08/2021 Eastern North Carolina Rescue Squad (ENCRS) Clarification of Registration Fee Waivers for Rescue Squads PS21_03 Eastern NC Rescue Squad Waiver Clarification ALL
PS21-02 02/03/2021 System Conference BLET Presentation: Information for College Administrators PS21_02 BLET Presentation System Conference 2021_02_03 PPT Slides CJC
PS21-01 01/05/2021 Memo to Local Sheriffs and Police Chiefs – Law Enforcement Training Opportunities PS21_01 Memo to Sheriffs and Police Chiefs RE Training_1page CJC
Number Date Subject Attachments Area
PS20-14 12/21/2020 Reminder: Selected FIP Course Numbers Not Valid After December 31, 2020 PS20_14 FIP Courses Obsolete After December 31, 2020 FIP
PS20-13 12/17/2020 Pre-requisite Change to Fire Instructor 1 Course PS20_13 Prerequisite Change to Fire Instructor 1 Course FIP
PS20-12 12/11/2020 EMS Anatomy and Physiology Update – New Course and New Office of EMS Guidelines PS20_12 EMS Anatomy and Physiology Changes EMS
PS20-11 10/13/2020 Municipal Police Telecommunicator Training/Certification Mandate PS20_11 Update on Law Enforcement Telecommunicator Training CJC
PS20-10 09/08/2020 New Course CJC-5046 Impartial Policing Usage Guidelines (Structured Course) PS20_10 New Course CJC_5046 Impartial Policing GUIDELINES corrected CJC
PS20-09 08/27/2020 Impartial Policing and Verbal De-escalation Training for Instructors and LE Training Managers PS20_09 Impartial Policing_Verbal Deescalation Registration Forms corrected
PS20_09A Verbal Deescalation Registration Open Enrollment
PS20-08 06/29/2020 Impartial Policing: Free Regional Train-the-Trainer Courses (Registration Required) Impartial Policing Train the Trainer Course_Free Event
Addendum_rev WAITING LIST PROCESS Impartial Policing TtT - July 2, 2020-Revised_Updated Information
PS20-07 06/26/2020 New Guidelines for EMT, AEMT and Paramedic Programs (Effective Spring 2021) Office of EMS Guideline Changes Eff Jan 2021 EMS
PS20-06 06/10/2020 CCL Updates: New FIP Courses and Updated Blue Sheet CCL Updates_FIP Courses and Updated Blue Sheet
The Blue Sheet _ FIP Courses - 6/10/20
PS20-05 04/29/2020 CCL Updates: FIP and EPT Courses CCL Updates_FIP and EPT Courses FIP
PS20-04 04/21/2020 NC Criminal Justice Commission Action: COVID-19 Policy Decision for BLET NC Criminal Justice Commission Action: COVID-19 Policy Decision for BLET CJC
PS20-03 04/08/2020 Fire and Rescue Certification Courses: Online and Hybrid Course Policies Fire and Rescue_No Online Certification Courses FIP
PS20-02 03/20/2020 Criminal Justice Training - COVID-19 Update CJ Updates_COVID-19 Impacts CJC
PS20-01 01/28/2020 Fire and Rescue (FIP) Course Changes – CC20-015 – Additional Guidance FIP Update_New NFPA_Course Start and End Dates_28 pages FIP
Number Date Subject Attachments Area
PS19-07 11/22/2019 BLET Update CJC-100 to CJC-110 BLET Update CJC-100 to CJC-110 CJC
PS19-08 11/22/2019 FIP Course Changes: Immediate Action Needed FIP Update _ OBSOLETE and NEW Courses FIP
PS19-05 08/12/2019 EMS Industry Summits: Invitation to Participate EMS Industry Summits Aug - Sept 2019 - Invite-RSVP EMS
PS19-06 08/07/2019 BLET Reading Assessment Options BLET Reading Assessment Update NCCCS CJC
PS19-04 03/05/2019 BLET School Director Regional Meetings BLET Regional Meeting Schedule April 2019 CJC
PS19-03 02/28/2019 School Resource Officer (SRO) Training CJ and Sheriffs SRO Training Rules; SRO Instructor Training at Samarcand CJC
PS19-02 01/09/2019 Criminal Justice Updates BLET Reading Assessment, CJ Fellows Program, New CJ Personnel CJC
PS19-01 01/07/2019 EMS Regional Meetings EMS Regional Meetings, OEMS Proposed Rules EMS
Number Date Subject Attachments Area
PS18-06 10/31/2018 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Proposed NC OEMS Rules Changes PS18_06_EMS Updates_OBSOLETE See PS21_04 EMS
PS18-05 10/30/2018 Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Updates BLET Hours Increase 1/1/19; NCROC EdReady™ English Assessment Added CJC
PS18-04 Fire 05/14/2018 Clarification of NCCC Services to Minors Requirements Clarification on Serving Junior Firefighters/Minors FIP
PS18-03 03/07/2018 Fire Certification Reporting Fire Data Reporting Patch - XFCU Process FIP
PS18-04 EMS 03/01/2018 NEW EMS Instructor Methodology Course EMS-4502 New Instructor Methodology Course; OEMS and National Guidelines
Attachment_316 pages 2002 National Guidelines EMS Instructors
PS18-02 02/15/2018 Certification Data Transfer to OSFM - 2017 Annual Summary Annual Report of Data Transfer to OSFM 2017, 2016, and 2015 FIP
PS18-01 02/14/2018 BLET CJ Instructor Certification Deadline and Procedures NEW GI and Specialty Certification Process CJC