Library Services

Library Services

Provides centralized purchasing and cataloging services for the community college libraries. This includes planning, development, and implementation of automated support systems; technical support of these systems; and training. Purchasing support includes negotiating discounts with vendors, processing orders for materials, and advising libraries in local purchasing procedures.

Library Services Staff

Colleen Turnage, Director of Library Services, 919-807-7066

  •  Please use the following address when sending cataloging to Colleen at the System Office (by mail, courier, etc.):
    • Colleen Turnage, Director of Library Services

      Technology Solutions & Distance Learning

      NC Community Colleges

      200 W. Jones St.

      5006 Mail Service Center

      Raleigh, NC 27699-5000

John Wood, CCLINC System Administrator, 1-800-388-0824

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Contact the Director of Library Services for cataloging training.  All other training can be obtained via Mentor.  CCLINC library directors with a Mentor login can provide library staff with a Mentor training login so that local staff can take advantage of the free classes offered online.  Periodically, the Director of Library Services will send out an email listing current classes available to CCLINC members. If you're a CCLINC library director, and you do not have access to Mentor, please contact the CCLINC System Administrator.  


Below in the list of training attachments you will see a document that shows the best places to park when coming to the system office for training or a meeting.